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Yesterday was a really nice day! My roommate and I went for a little gift shopping and later we went for lunch to a Romanian restaurant called, Transylvania, if I’m not mistaken. I ordered something called tripe soup which I had never heard before. I decided to ask the waitress what it was and she just said, you don’t want to know. So I just thought since this is the new me, super adventorous and open-minded, I decided to try it. It didn’t really taste that good… I googled it a bit later on and I found out that I was eating the organs from the stomach of a veal. Ugh, I still shudder from the thought of it Lol. But I guess it’s nice to try new things and it’s something I would never do back home.

I really like Romania so far! The people I’ve met so far have been so friendly and open, and it’s really inspiring. Tomorrow is my first day at the orphanage. It was supposed to be today, but before I got here I was sick and I still am unfortunately, so I’m just going to rest today.


I’m here!

I can’t believe I’m in Romania now. It feels so surreal! In a short time, I’m going to meet one from the staff from Projects Abroad so he/she can show me around the city. Now I’m just laying in bed, relaxing… It was a long day yesterday so I guess I just lack a bit of sleep and relaxation.


It’s here and I can’t believe it! It’s September! :O I’m leaving on Thursday and it feels so surreal. I’m actually surprisingly calm, but I know that this will most likely change soon. I can’t wait to travel to Romania and work at the orphanage I’m going to work at. I once read a short story in my English class in second year of high school, called The Volunteer, which was about an American woman called Carrie, who travelled with her husband to India. Her husband went there for his job, so Carrie decided that she would work at an orphanage to keep herself occupy. She had the most horrible time and the language barrier was clearly a big problem for her. At the end of the short story, she changed her attitude towards the children and the orphanage, when realizing that even though the children  made a huge mess, the love the children had for each other and for Carrie, was more than enough for her. I thought it was a very sweet story with a great message, but it also made me realize how tough it can be to work at an orphanage, especially when you can’t speak their language… But I know that I will learn a lot while I’m there and I will do something good for other people… And that’s all that matters at the end of the day.