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I cannot believe I’m home. I’ve just been in Romania for 2 months and looking back on all of the things I experienced while I was there, gives me chills. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience there and I feel so happy and content with my life right now. Romania changed me for the better and I’ve never felt this kind of happiness before. I learned a lot while I was away. First off, before I left, I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I never believed in myself and I was very, very critical towards myself. I never encouraged myself or believed that I could do anything by myself. I think it’s very sad to think about now, because I think that you should believe in yourself. Because at the end of the day, the one person you can always trust is yourself! So I’ve learned to believe in myself and I’ve also grown a lot, confidence wise. Confidence isn’t something that just happens overnight. It happens naturally, but of course, there are different factors that makes you more confident. For me, I really stepped out of my comfort zone and did things almost everyday that scared me so much. Like meeting new people. Before, I got anxiety just thinking about meeting new people. But for me, meeting new people was something I did every single day in Romania and after a while, I didn’t see it as a struggle, but as a very ordinary and easy thing to do. I think another thing that helped me grow a lot as a person was to not care so much. Before I wouldn’t be seen dead without makeup, but now I don’t really care if people see me with no makeup on. I can’t really explain it better than this, but this trip was so good for me mentally. I was never alone and I was surrounded by amazing and inspiring people everyday that pushed me to become better. Romania will always hold a very special place in my heart and I’m so happy that I went there when I did, because I really needed it at the time. It gave me hope and for that, I’m forever grateful.





Sightseeing around Brasov…

Yesterday, my new roommate from Germany, a new volunteer from France, a former volunteer from Australia and I was shown around the old town of Brasov. It was so beautiful and I fell even more in love with the city. I love the nature here and it’s so idyllic here. I feel so free and at peace here, it feels so amazing❤️ Here are some pictures I took yesterday evening…






Time to relax and have some fun

Yesterday, my roommate, two volunteers and myself decided to go to the Solomonfest, 40 minutes away from Brasov. We decided to walk up to the fest and it was a looong walk. Thank God I wore the right shoes! When we arrived, there were romanians dressed in their traditonal costumes, and loud music blasting from the speakers. It was a good atmosphere. I also tried Krotus, which is a sweet pastry that is very popular in Romania. It was sooo good! Just thinking about it makes me want one right now!
Later that day, we went out to Deane’s, an Irish pub. It was a good atmosphere and it was nice to have some drinks and relax. Another volunteer also joined us that day. She was only staying in Brasov for one day, since she did the archeology project, but is leaving today to go home to Japan.

Overall, I had a good day which is all that matters. Today it is just raining, which is upsetting, but hopefully we can go to a cafe or something. That would be nice.





Sticky hands

Today I had a busy day at the orphanage. We were doing arts and crafts which the kids absolutely loved! But… I had bought superglue and that was so not a good idea. It became so sticky and just awful, awful, awful. The things they were making became a mess, because of their sticky hands. But it was fun and hopefully we can do something like that later. But without the superglue of course!
Later tonight, my roommate and I are going to get some rose lemonade and a glass of wine. I can’t wait to relax and enjoy the weekend. I’m sure it will be amazing!!

My visit to Bran’s Castle

A couple of days ago, I went with my new roommate and another volunteer to visit Bran’s Castle, more known as the Dracula Castle. It is located almost 40 minutes away from Brasov, which isn’t that far away. It was a lovely castle and I loved the nature that surrounded it!





First day at the orphanage

So… Today was my very first day at the orphanage. It took 1 bus and 2 cars to get me there, but I made it!!! The children were so nice to me and they pulled me in so many directions. I wasn’t exactly nervous beforehand, which is so strange. I mean, before I used to be so scared. So scared of the smallest things imaginable. And now I just do them, without getting frustrated and having panic attacks. It feels really great! Sometimes it’s so great to get some distance from your problems and issues, and get some time to breathe and try to enjoy your life. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I’ve been right now in Romania. And I haven’t even been here for a week. Well, tomorrow it’s a week since I came here. That’s sooo crazy…!

Pictures from yesterday!