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It’s been a while since I’ve written a long blog post. I’ve been so busy with so much lately and I haven’t really had the time, or motivation, to really sit down and write. So, today I had my driver’s test, but it didn’t really go that well. Haha. I just felt a bit nervous and I did some mistakes in the beginning, so that stressed me out. But i guess I’m not ready to drive on my own yet and I totally understand that. Now I have to wait until mid-April before I can take a new test and that’s such a long time. I mean, what will I do in the meantime? I hate waiting and it’s just such a terrible thing. I guess I just have to drive, drive, drive, so I can become a safe(r) driver… which I’m apparently not now. Lol.

Anyways, I’m so tired of being sad and upset about this. I’m ready to move on and let it go. I’m so tired of overanalysing absolutely everything. I just feel like this experience made me more confident in a way. I just realised so much during that one hour driving test. I am ready for everything! I can take on anything!! Whooowhowhowho

(I will most likely cringe the next time I read this blog post, but I don’t care…)





Things happen when you at least expect it…!


Oh my god, I can’t believe what just happened!! One of my favorite singers, Rebecca Ferguson, replied to my tweet! I know she’s just a person, just like me, and it probably isn’t that big of a deal for most people, but it made me so happy!! I never thought she would’ve seen what I had written to her… It’s so strange, you know. I feel like things that you really wish would happen to you, actually happen when you at least expect it. Everytime I’ve written to someone on Twitter, it’s in the belief that I hope she/he will reply to me, but this time I wasn’t really “thinking” about that. I was just writing my tweet and sending it… And LOOK what happened!! yayayayaya *dreams do come true* haha 🙂