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Just for now…

Hailee Steinfeld- Hell No’s and Headphones

“Cause all of my friends are leaving soon
To find them, themselves another round
But I’ll be here in this stranger’s room
Just for now (just for now)
Yeah, I’ll stick with hell no’s and headphones”

My favourite song at the moment. I think we all can relate to this song somehow…

“Hell No’s and Headphones” BY Hailee Steinfeld


I wanna feel like you’ve let me go…

So let me go.

I absolutely love this song. It’s SO good. I think we all can relate to this song in one way or another!



Every time you come back again, back again
The healing ends
I push all of my rules aside for you
You should see the way other eyes, other eyes
Fight for me
They give me everything that you never do
Still it tears at me
Cause you cut so deep
And I’m still within your reach

If you love me, let me go” by Colbie Caillat

I tie my heartstrings off…


Freedom- an album that inspires me

I love listening to music. Listening to music is a great way to reflect on different things that’s going on in your life, whether you’re going through something good or something bad. I just love the feeling of putting on a song or an album that can relate to all of the things I’m feeling at once. If I’m going through something difficult, I just know that this¬†album will help me through whatever I’m going through. An album that really inspires me and give me a lot of strength is Freedom by Rebecca Ferguson. The album was released last December and I remember being so happy when I finally got it! She’s an amazing singer that were the runner up on the X-Factor UK in 2010, when One Direction and Cher Lloyd were contestants too.


I really love Freedom, because most of the songs represents not only her growth as a singer, but as a person too. The songs on the album are nothing that you really hear on the radio today and they’re not very EDM or House. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love the songs on the album. She’s also co-written every single song on the album, except one, and I find that really impressing!


Songs like Beautiful Design and Wonderful World are songs that speaks about letting your guard down and embrace love and the life that you’ve been given. Freedom on the other hand is a very empowering song that is basically about letting go of your past and realize that you’re free; not only from negative people, but also that you’re a free human.

So I guess that’s how I’m interpreting the songs above. I really recommend this album to everyone, because I feel like the themes on each and every song is so diverse, so it’s something on there for everyone.

A link to the first single “I Hope” from Freedom.¬†

Do you have an album that you find inspiring?