One of the goals I set last December was to become a volunteer in my home community. Yesterday, I went to a meeting with my local volunteer organisation, and on Friday I will officially have my first assignment as a volunteer(!!!).  It’s so fun that I did something that I had thought about for a while and it’s nice to do something that will help someone else. I hope I will enjoy it so I will keep on doing it!

Also… Another important thing. Today marks 3 weeks until I leave Norway and jet off to Paris! I can’t believe it. Last fall, I was just so anxious and nervous about leaving. But now I can’t wait! I’m excited about going back to school and live in Paris, and truly experience the culture and people:)


I’m sure this will be a great year and I’m really ready for giving it my all.


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This blog is written by a 20 year old girl from Norway. I mainly use this blog to reflect on things that are happening in my life, but I also publish things like quotes I find inspiring, music, books and other things I adore. View all posts by Christina

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