2016: My year to grow

Last night of 2015.

Skjermbilde 2015-12-31 kl. 19.50.55

My favourite movie growing up, Material Girls, is airing on TV right now. My father and my uncle is chatting in the background. It’s crazy how so much changes over one year, right? What this year has taught me is that life is unpredictable. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. It’s what makes life exciting and changes your destiny forever. I’ve also learned an even more important thing. To always be proud of who I am! It’s such a powerful feeling and I never thought I would get there so soon. But with experiences, comes knowledge and awakenings. I’ve learned something so vital, which I want to bring with me this upcoming year. I’m ready to love myself more, grow and change, and have a magical new year.

2016, I’m ready for you.


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This blog is written by a 20 year old girl from Norway. I mainly use this blog to reflect on things that are happening in my life, but I also publish things like quotes I find inspiring, music, books and other things I adore. View all posts by Christina

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