Time to relax and have some fun

Yesterday, my roommate, two volunteers and myself decided to go to the Solomonfest, 40 minutes away from Brasov. We decided to walk up to the fest and it was a looong walk. Thank God I wore the right shoes! When we arrived, there were romanians dressed in their traditonal costumes, and loud music blasting from the speakers. It was a good atmosphere. I also tried Krotus, which is a sweet pastry that is very popular in Romania. It was sooo good! Just thinking about it makes me want one right now!
Later that day, we went out to Deane’s, an Irish pub. It was a good atmosphere and it was nice to have some drinks and relax. Another volunteer also joined us that day. She was only staying in Brasov for one day, since she did the archeology project, but is leaving today to go home to Japan.

Overall, I had a good day which is all that matters. Today it is just raining, which is upsetting, but hopefully we can go to a cafe or something. That would be nice.






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