It’s soon the beginning of something new… and the end of something old!

I’m soon leaving for Romania and I’m so nervous! But I’m also really excited, because I can’t wait to experience something completely different than what I’m used to in my daily life. I want to do something amazing with my life… I feel like that’s the best for my heart and soul at the moment. I just want to do something special and useful and not spend anymore hours in my room daydreaming about what could be better in my life!! Putting yourself in situations that are unknown, but thrilling, is so great. There’s a quote by Oprah Winfrey that I LOVE!


“The biggest adventure that you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”- Oprah Winfrey

I feel so inspired and motivated whenever I see this quote. That’s why I’ve chosen it to be my new banner on my Facebook profile page. What I’ve learned over the past months is to follow my heart and my dreams… (Personally, I feel like that’s the most important in the world- at least for me.) I know it might sound really cliché, but it’s true! And once you realize that, you will feel much more in control of your destiny and your life!

-What makes you motivated and inspired?



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This blog is written by a 20 year old girl from Norway. I mainly use this blog to reflect on things that are happening in my life, but I also publish things like quotes I find inspiring, music, books and other things I adore. View all posts by Christina

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