Every day.

I can feel the pressure more and more everyday; I feel suffocated. It is so frustrating to think about graduation and university applications. Never in a million years had I thought I would be in this position, but oh boy was I wrong! What is comforting about this whole process is the fact that I am not alone. Everyone feels like this at some point in their lives, but I think about it every hour of every day and it is killing me! Okay, fine, I am overreacting a bit, but I cannot help this feeling.


I really want to study in England this autumn, but I have no clue what to study. I had a plan that I made last autumn to study criminology, but now I have changed my mind. I do not know if I will get a job afterwards and I do not think it is a safe subject to study if I want a good paid job in the future. I am now thinking about English literature, because I love to read and that is where my heart is at the moment. But again, I am so confused. I just have to wait and see what choice I will rely on, and I hope and pray that things will turn out okay in the end.


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This blog is written by a 20 year old girl from Norway. I mainly use this blog to reflect on things that are happening in my life, but I also publish things like quotes I find inspiring, music, books and other things I adore. View all posts by Christina

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